FLOG 1 | How to get into a flow state


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How do you get into the zone?

Truth is we have all been there, but do not know how to get there. Flow state, in psychology, is defined as a state in where a person is fully immersed and focused on an activity or task. You are completely absorbed by what you do, resulting in a loss of one's sense of space and time. 

Remember now?

Last time I felt like I was torn away by an activity was just yesterday while I checked on how to configure settings for Daloy on our social media channels, like Instagram and FB. When I took a look at my phone to see how late it was I was shocked, almost two hours for a task that was supposed to be done within 5-10 minutes?! 

And you know what? It wasn't something I had to do, but what I wanted to do - and it was fun and rewarding (although I lost some hours to sleep properly). At the same time it was challenging, but I had a clear goal in mind and got immediate feedback on what I did (f.e. a certain layout of a FB post). All the above do show certain patterns for a flow state of mind. 

"How is that important, it happens or it doesn't!", some may say. IT IS IMPORTANT as to several reasons:

 We all look for happiness in life and a flow state is nurturing it.

Happiness is closely connected to satisfaction. 

Satisfaction comes, besides other factors, from with giving meaning to certain activities while applying your own strengths to it.

I know it is probably not the most scientific approach and there are so many more components to the concept of flow (which we will try to shed some more light on in the course of this journey), but neither is it our intention to make this a rocket science nor writing a book on happiness and/or flow in a later stage. All we want is to make it as easy as possible for you to apply certain aspects of it to your life - nothing else matters! 

If you want to have a more scientific view on the flow state and the pursuit of happiness we recommend you take a look at "Flow - The Psychology of Optimal Experience " or watch this TED talk by the founder of the flow theory, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,.

Until next time |  find your flow.


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