FLOG 6 | Boredom Flow Anxiety

There are three dimensions defining the quality of our experience while doing something - these are anxiety, flow and boredom. Whether we are in one of the three is defined by the level of skills needed and challenge provided by tasks we ought to do.  

So if we have a low level of skill needed for a very challenging task, we may easily get anxious, stressed out and worried. Imagine how we'd feel if both the challenge was low and the skills needed too. We'd most probably do not find us anywhere near a flow state of mind, hence frustration, apathy and even depression may be the logical consequence (if continued over a longer period of time).  

A high skill level but a less challenging task will most probably give us a relaxed feeling and confidence for some time, however if the skill level is somewhere in the middle, people will get bored easily. Yes, this is what we mean when we talk about ROUTINE! 

However, it seems obvious that the higher the challenge and the skills needed are, we get in the zone and focus totally on what's at hand.   

The tricky part for you is to find a hobby, task or project that fits these criteria. You could even try to find some more challenge in an existing task - so if you are at work try to put some sort of gamification factor to it, For example a waitress could try to get as much tip or positive feedback from her guests as possible during her shift by serving an extra table or putting more focus on her guests by having a chat, etc. With this she raises her standards of how to approach work and gets immediate feedback on whether she did a great job or not. A sales rep could try to change the way he approaches a potential client call and take more time to listen to his client's needs, instead of setting his goal to call as many people as possible during the day (this could be easily demotivating after some time). One potential outcome in this case could also be more positive feedback from the client. 

Find your flow.  


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