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So, with some time spent on researching how to reach a state of optimal experience (to be in flow) more frequently, I have come to the conclusion that with most of our active daytime spent at work I must find ways to make it as much fun as possible. Well, you can't change your work as such (you could always quit, but I guess this is not an option for everyone ;)), but you can define how you want to approach work. 

I regularly kick off my days giving myself a few minutes to think about all the tasks I have on my list that must be completed and those that can be done later.  Usually I do this when still at home or at a quiet place at work, I just don't give anything or anybody the chance to intervene in my thinking process.  

Actually I do not try to split into tasks that are done for myself and those done for my boss, colleagues, etc., rather I divide tasks into the challenges they provide. As mentioned in prior posts, a flow state will occur only when we are focused, an outcome is measurable or visible and the task itself is challenging the mind.  When I completed the above I start my day at work with some basic stuff, like answering emails, making calls, etc. - just to warm up and get my mind into working mode.

After that I can continue with the most challenging tasks. Especially in the earlier hours of your day the circadian rhythm does show the human body at full working capacity with enough energy to concentrate, so I don't want to wait after lunch time as it is usually the most unproductive time. Even though I try to skip "heavy" lunch to not be down for 2 hours, it is simply not that easy to have a 100% focus when the physical circumstances do not really allow anything more than 70%. So with that the afternoon should be more about getting things done that do not ask for too much creativity and effort in concentration. I know, harder than it seems. And with all of that, you must do it not once, not twice, but every single day.

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