FLOG 2 | The ingredients of flow


Founder DALOY

You definitely said it more than once in your life, I guess you've been there even more often . But have you actually taken a closer look on it's meaning? FLOW is described as a state of mind in which your concentration is focused and sustained while you are following something that spurs creativity and productivity. This all happens without your prefrontal cortex to steer your activities - you kind of lose your self-consciousness. The founder of the Flow Theory, M.r Csikszentmihalyi, sees several characteristics of flow which are:

  • Concentration on the task at hand
  • clarity of goals and reward in mind + immediate feedback
  • transformation of time (does something take longer or less long than usually?)
  • the experience is rewarding (you feel better)
  • you feel ease while doing it (not as much effort needed as in the beginning)
  • balance between challenge and skills
  • awareness and action are merged
  • feeling of control over the task

Besides the fact that flow spurs better performance - in probably everything you do in life (playing with your kids, working on your next project at work, playing the Ukulele, etc.) - it will lead to something everybody is looking for: happiness. Great! So have we found the holy grail now? Probably we are getting closer to it, but we won't find it unless we put in the right amount of effort.

Daloy is our flow state of mind - we are not making this for fun only, it is our determination and deepest belief that it will help us to live a better and happier life!

Find your flow - GP

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